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County Hotels

Following its sale by Queens Moat House to Duke Street Investments the 25 acquired hotels operated as County Hotels from a Head Office in Windsor, Berkshire. I was accountable to the County Hotels Board for the day to day operation of 12 hotels including golf clubs and leisure centres from Edinburgh to Exeter. As well as managing the transition from Queens Moat Houses the company had to create its own identity and management systems. This was an exciting time for the company with significant resources allocated maximising the operating returns as well as examining new sources of income. The Owners were able to raise funds for the acquisition from a bond issue but then chose to sell the group intact to Regal Hotels. I left the group at this time to pursue an independent business venture.

Royal Clarence, Exeter
Telford Golf & Country Club
Bramall County Hotel
Blackburn County Hotel
Glasgow County Hotel
Forth Bridges County Hotel
George Washington Golf & Country Club, Newcastle on Tyne
Blackwell Grange County Hotel, Darlington
Carlton Park Hotel, Rotherham
Hermitage Hotel, Leicester
Falcon Hotel, Stratford On Avon
Charlecote Pheasant Hotel, Stratford On Avon


Transition from Queens Moat House systems to independent management within 6 months

Group marketing and sales plans

Capital Investment started at Exeter, Telford, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stratford on Avon, Newcastle, Darlington and Carlton Park

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