Change Expertise

“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but don’t quit” – Conrad Hilton

Change Expertise
Opening night at The Queens Arms Tamerton Foliot, Devon

An ambitious, innovative and financially astute Hospitality Change Specialist. Often found in challenging situations…with an outstanding record of success.

I have a  change expertise that spans the hospitality industry in the UK, and more recently, the UAE. As a recognised team leader capable of managing complexity I  build confidence in solutions. Leadership and common sense combine to deliver results to meet demanding standards and deadlines. I show loyalty, reliability and the highest standards of personal and professional integrity.

Core Personal Competencies

Organisation Status –

  • Start-up – from project initiation to steady state
  • Transition – from current to a changed state re-engineering the organisation
  • Crisis & Recovery – a safe pair of hands for pressure situations building toward a result or exit
  • Interim – short to medium term solutions, often at little notice…

Change Expertise –

  • Strategic planning and goal setting from the outset
  • Operational aptitude particularly for catering and room sales in the deluxe market
  • Financial management and performance from operations to Board / Stakeholder reporting
  • Human resource management cycle including succession planning
  • Stakeholder engagement – owners, banks, customers, suppliers, third parties, staff
  • Business development in both corporate and leisure markets
  • New business innovation and creation
  • Customer relations and service at the centre of the approach

Personal Expertise –

  • Entrepreneur by DNA
  • Marketer by nature, Salesman by design
  • Communicator able to work 360 degrees
  • Information Technology use specialist
  • Experienced in Public Relations and fronting businesses and organisations as the spokesperson
  • Adaptable and responsive to the environment

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