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May 2014-December 2014

Five Continents Hospitality

Five Continents Hospitality LLC was designed to accommodate a range of business development projects under the banner of Five Continents but with greater long term operating flexibility than was possible under Five Continents Hotels & Resorts FZC. The Press Release below captures the intent of the new organisation at its industry launch in May 2014.

Under the direction of the Chief Business Development Officer and supported by myself a wide range of projects were initially evaluated in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Philippines and Lebanon. These were reduced to a working short-list of properties in Dubai (2), Abu Dhabi (1), Ras Al Khaimah (3), Fujairah (1) and Saudi Arabia (4) with Marketing Affiliation Contracts under consideration in the Philippines and Lebanon. In November 2014 all of these projects were under development with many at the contracting stage.

Five Continents Hotels and Resorts collaborate with Hansa Hotels to launch Five Continents Hospitality

Five Continents Hospitality to offer unique Regional Support to Hotel Property Owners, Investors and Finance Houses

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 21st May 2014:

Five Continents Hotels and Resorts and Hansa Hotels by Five Continents  have come together to launch Five Continents Hospitality, a venture management firm which will help to support hotels with the benefit of their accumulated experiences and sector relationships. The recently formed entity has developed its own unique programmes to deliver contracted services to international quality standards.

The new company specialises in difficult operations with a view to enabling their onward resale on a tight timescale.  Our motto is ‘going where no one else dares!’ Recent projects with Cassells Group in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have drawn to a successful close on schedule. Both properties were in a poor operational condition with one closed by the operator at the time of acquisition. These businesses are now operating exceptionally and available to the owners for onward sale to a host of interested international purchasers.

The successful conclusion of the opening phase of acquisitions has enabled the company to move on to further projects in the region demonstrating that the approach to business by the Five Continents Hospitality team is paying off.

The next phase includes projects that are significantly larger in size and involve making financial investments to the businesses to enable them to fulfil their potential for their owners and investors.

  • 5-Star 350+ bedroom, outlets and banqueting centre in Business Bay
  • 5-Star 350+ hotel luxury apartments and multiple outlets in Dubai Marina
  • 5-Star hotel and Wellness Resort in Northern Emirates

Five Continents Hospitality will build on its existing strong network of investors and financiers throughout the world to source new capital for these operations. These partnerships will enable the company to develop the financial resources necessary for selective investments which will give a short, medium and long term return on investment.  Additional capital could be used to furnish new buildings, for the introduction of new services or even as a contribution to the cost of construction.

Speaking at the launch of Five Continents Hospitality to announce its new management contracts were Elia Timani, Managing Director, Five Continents Hospitality and Andrew Huckerby, Vice President Operations, Five Continents Hospitality.

Elia Timani said “As well as launching Five Continents Hospitality today we are also delighted to announce the signing of new agreements for three properties in the region. These properties, which highlight the strengths of the company and its unique operating model, include a brand new 5-Star hotel and banqueting centre, a new build luxury hotel apartment building, and an existing Hotel & Wellness Centre. We are also in the final stages of negotiation for a number of other properties in the region. At the same time we are handing back to the owners 2 of our existing properties where the operations have now achieved all our goals and are ready for their new operators. It is a very exciting time as the company realises its potential in this vibrant region. Our international professionals will work efficiently to provide an innovative and dynamic organisation concerned for our partners, staff and society.

Andrew Huckerby, Vice President Operations, Five Continents Hospitality added “Not all hospitality projects or businesses operate in an environment or way that achieves the investors or owners’ objectives. For this, Five Continents Hospitality has developed unique quality management principles and structures to specifically satisfy all parties and deliver a profitable proposition for every stakeholder. The recent opening of the Five Continents Central Reservations Service highlights our commitment to providing a stable base for our future developments”.


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