Berni Inns

Berni Inns

I joined Schooner Inns Essex Division, part of Berni Inns, as an Assistant Manager having previously worked for them in a variety of positions during my secondary and further education. My initial employment was based around Essex and North and East London before transferring to the Thames Valley Region of Berni Inns where I was appointed General Manager of my first property. All of my initial industry training was carried out by the company both in their purpose built training centre in Bristol and within the job. The company were very advanced in their training and precise in their operating methodology and the first to bring popular catering to the masses in the UK.



Berni Inns Windsor



Ye Olde Rose, Wokingham
Manor Cottage, Finchley
Royal Forest, Chingford
Green Man, Chingford
George, Wanstead
Spotted Dog, Forrest Gate
Fairlop Oak, Barkingside
Plough, Romford
George & Dragon, Ingatestone
Wagon & Horses, Hadleigh
Tavern in the Town, Southend

3 thoughts on “Berni Inns

  1. Tony Harriman

    Andrew, are you still monitoring this page? We worked together at Wokingham all those many years ago. Not sure if you remember me. I was searching for something on Berni Inns history, and your name popped up.

    • Thanks, Tony and great to hear from you after only a couple of years… 🙂
      Of course, I remember you at the Olde Rose – fun days oh yes
      I will drop you a note on my email system and catch up properly
      Hope you are well – think you can see that I have been slightly busy ever since – lots of ups and a few downs but still kicking on


  2. Stuart

    Hi Andrew,
    I’m a resident of Hadleigh and interested in local history. You may know that the Wagon and Horses has long since been demolished, sadly. I’d be interested to know if you have any photos of the pub during your time there? Used to go there all the time when it was a Berni Inn so would love to see some old pics!
    Many thanks,

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